The one-shot Timer model is a product with a good relationship between quality and price; it is lightweight and comfortable but still precise and available in the calibers listed.


Characteristics Timer Model
Gauges 22 LR • 22 Magnum • 22 hornet • 5,6×50 R Magnum
222 Remington • 223 Remington • 30-30 Winchester
300 AAC Blackout • 44 Magnum
Barrel lenght 500 mm
550 mm munita di freno di bocca (a scelta tra fisso o amovibile
Total lenght 920 mm con canna da 500 mm
Weight 2,5 kg
Locking A tassello inferiore
Operation Armamento tramite leva
Shot Diretto
Sight Scina da 11 temperata
Cosmetic finish Bascula tartarugata o nera, legni standard
Material Bascula e componenti in acciaio speciale