Falco Arms has introduced this new caliber from the exclusively REFILLABLE ammunition range officially recognised by the CIP (Commission Internationale Permanente pour l’epreuve des armes a feu portatives).

Recognised by the cip

 It is totally compliant for use in hunting as it is a centre-fire model with a 60mm metal cartridge case and can be used with common SMALL PISTOL triggers.

The Falco 6 centerfire is produced in all of our folding models (single barrel, double barrel, shotgun and Colts). 

Ballistics testing guarantees the same range as calibers 8 and 9, but with a much lower gunshot noise level.

Material necessary for the refill provided by Falco Arms:

  • EMPTY BRASS CARTRIDGE CASES approved exclusively by FALCO Arms

Falco Arms provides all the details necessary for dosing the refill.