The Single Barrel Colts Luxury model is a shotgun in all respects as the total length of the weapon is greater than 60 cm and the barrel length is no shorter than 30 cm.

These models are offered in all variants of smooth barrelled shotguns, therefore in Standard and Luxury versions and for the Single barrel models there is the option of internal or external hammer. All models are approved for hunting.

The COLTS handle can easily be replaced with the classic shotgun stock.

Basic features (for Lux models): clear engraved receiver finish, stock and forend with knurled briar finish

Optional: Chrome plating and barrel lapping, classic shotgun stock

Characteristics Single Barrel Colts
Gauges 6 Centerfire Falco • 9 Flobert • 9 Centerfire • 8 • 410
Barrel lenght
500 mm
Total lenght
660 mm with external hammer • 700 mm with internal hammer
Weight 1,2 kg with external hammer • 1,4 kg with internal hammer
Sight Brass fixed front sight