“IL DOMINATORE” article in the Armi Magazine for the Kipplauf Overtop

“The Kipplauf” (German) or the folding alpine shotgun (Italian) is not a very common arm on national territory, as the Italians as a rule are more used to handling rotating-bolt-action Carbines or semi-automatics for hunting hooved animals. However, there is a “but”; the Kipplauf, the preferred choice of arm by central European expert hunters boasts some indisputable qualities, foremost, its portability thanks to their minute dimensions and to its ability of easily folding and fitting into confined spaces such as holdalls and ruck sacks.

One Kipplauf for the very Italian Falco, is not only a beautiful object but it’s extremely well made and highly precise.
Then we have its light weight. The production characteristics used to produce the Kipplauf allow the arm to be carried up and down mountain and hill summits with ease without the fear of ruining the day due to the extra weight burdened on one’s shoulders. Or, for the fact that you aren’t restricted by the thought of suffering heavy recoil on the need to let off single shots as one normally would by utilising an arm that is too light. At the end of the day – choosing the right calibre is enough. There are two simple characteristics that have given the Kipplauf an air of dignity allowing it to be sold by the leading carbine constructors (both Italian and foreign) and by gifted arms craftsmen combining high quality wood and the finest of carvings. Along side these rather elegant and expensive creations we noticed a rather elegant folding alpine shotgun at the very Italian Falco Stand – and as a result organised a get-together to test the Kipplauf Overtop. Let’s discover it together!

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