From the magazine Diana 2015

“For fourty years in Marcheno, Val Trompia Brescia where just mentioning it, incites the smell of gunpowder and arms lubricating oils. There you can find our small but solid company – Falco Arms. Its name is well known by hunters because the shotguns produced behind its walls have found themselves in many an Italian hunters’ cabinet. Surely in many “hunting-hut” hunters’ cabinets too, as even though this company offers a catalogue full of shotguns and U-shotguns in higher calibres, inciting prestige products such as the Airone and Number One lines, the company is inextricably linked to small calibres and to hunting from the hunting-hut itself.
It’s not without reason that the headquarters are just a stone throw’s away from Val Sabbia where the bird snares and hunting-huts along with live decoys originated. Falco produces excellent single-barrell, double-barrell and Over&Under shotguns in two different lines – Standard and Luxury. The Standard range is characterised by its essential and no-frills features, whilst the second line utilizes superior quality woods, engravings and materials. The appearance is enhanced in the Luxury whilst the functionality remains unchanged between the two lines respectively.

We could have named it – “A snap of the fingers”, or “A clap of the hands” because it’s the noise we can perceive when we shoot with a 6mm calibre.

But let’s turn to our miraculous calibre. The amount of noise generated within the hunting-hunt is everything. The 6mm allows disturbances to animals perching near the hut to be kept to a bare minimum and helps maintain the clarity of the decoy calls. It is for this that we came up with the idea of realising an even smaller calibre than that of the 8mm.
The article written in the magazine Diana follows edited by the editorial staff that in 2015 documented the Falco central calibre 6mm.

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