An exctract taken from the Armi Magazine 8th August 2016

“These two features have taken the kipplauf to a new level of recognition of being able to be sold by the leading carabine brand producers – both Italian and foreign. Not only this; but also gifted arms craftsmen produce them, combining high quality wood and the finest of carvings. In the case of the Italian Falco Arms, that at the last IWA in Nuremberg presented two very interesting Kipplaufs based on their technical production solutions and for their choice in materials.
As a result, we organised a presentation at the Cascina Legra, a tourist hunting location in Ponte Nizza where, for once, we weren’t intending on pointing the barrels at the wild life present in the area, but more simply at cardboard targets and metallic firing gongs. Let’s see how these three Kipplaufs performed.

Falco has produced small calibre rifles for about forty years with which entire generations of hunters have tracked down millions of small-sized birds roaming our beautiful peninsula and not only, they produce several express rifles and smooth-bore carabines that have been attracting increasingly levels of interest by the passionate. For example, the Brescian firm has wanted to aim higher with the two new Alpine rifles -1 and 2 – and more than just substance, which itself is widely recognised and appreciated by hunters, there is also its aesthetic stance in the form of precious woods, decorations and crafting that have increased their overall artistic attraction.”

This is an extract from the article written by Gianluigi Guitto in the Armi Magazine, presenting the Rifles Alpine 1 and 2 by Falco.

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