Falco Arms is a company founded in 1964 in Gardone Val Trompia as a family brand. Through the years several changes of ownership have occurred: first in the seventies, the second step comes in the early nineties, lastly, in 2015, the company has passed to its current ownership in the municipality of Marcheno.

The last step takes place with some big changes: all the traditional processes and all the old concepts were reworked. We also reintroduced ancient models, previously deleted from the catalogs.

The origins are fundamental, but it’s important to always update the processes and the workflow: for the first time, in 2015, were also introduced weapons of the latest generation, to meet the demands of customers. The spirit of innovation is part of the company, and for this reason, we study new solutions and new techniques to carry out more precise and high-quality work.


The Falco Arms weapons are designed in every detail because they are the details that make the difference: carefully chosen materials, inlays and precious decorations, the artisanal technique in the processing is what makes up a quality product.

The materials used, such as wood, iron, plastics, and steel are all chosen with care and all are certified.


Falco Arms has two product lines that both include hunting and sporting items: the first inspired by the past and traditional models, the second is dedicated to the present and provides more innovations from a purely technical point of view.

As for the first line of items, the artisanal processing is certainly one of the key points on which the company rotates: the dedication and manual care placed in the processing of our products is essential to create items that can work and live in time.

The second line of products is based on innovation: we use technology such as technical drawing and computer modeling. Technologies are part of everyday life and can give a great advantage both in terms of time and quality.


We realize the Falco Arms products in the main office located in Marcheno in Via Angelo Gitti, 60. We rely on some carefully chosen and trusted contractors who help us to complete our work at best for special processes, unusual finishes, and specific customizations.

You can find our products in all authorized retailers or our headquarter, where is also located our warehouse, containing the items in prompt delivery.

As for custom products, we have a processing time that usually is around three months, enough to realize the design of the weapon, the prototype, and the actual product.

We have more than thirty models in the catalog belonging to the two different lines: the classic and traditional, and the most modern one. In both, you can find hunting and sporting weapons or some bivalent models that can be used in both situations. Everything depends on the license you own.


We not only produce weapons but also offer different services such as refurbishment, deactivation of weapons, and customization of weapons. You will find all the information in the dedicated section on our website.

Centrale Falco





In a company like Falco Arms, it is important to have a service that can follow the customer in every step, from providing simple information, to show the technical part of the work, and especially with regard to the service of customization of weapons.