Calibro 6 Centrale Falco

Reloading Kit 6mm Centrale Falco

Falco Arms introduced this new caliber with an exclusively rechargeable function and officially recognized by the CIP (International Standing Commission for Firearms). The upper caliber of 5.6 mm is therefore fully in order for use in hunting as a central percussion with a casing of more than 40 mm (it is 60 mm) and can be triggered with the common small pistol triggers. The ammunition is NOT FLOBERT, therefore, is satisfied with all the requirements indicated by article 13, paragraph 1, and paragraph 2-bis of Law 11 February 1992 n.157.

The Calibro 6 Centrale Falco is available in all our folding models (single barrel, double barrel, and over-and-under) in the Standard and Luxury versions.

What changes from the 8 and 9 calibers?

The ballistic test guarantees the same range of calibers 8 and 9, but with a much lower firing noise.

What do you need besides the Calibro 6 Centrale Falco?

The material needed for charging is supplied directly by Falco Arms:

  • Capper decapper;
  • Loading kit;
  • Empty brass casings approved exclusively by Falco Arms.



We recommend these powders: VIHTAVUORI N340 with a dosage of 0.08 to 0.10 grams per shell casing.

Other powders we suggest:

  • FLAKES GREEN – GREEN with a dosage in grams of 0,06- 0,07;
  • LOVEX 32, LOVEX d032 ball powder.

The dosage in grams is 0,08 to a maximum of 0,10 per casing.

We recommend the use of thin cardboard.


Lead 11 or Lead 12 : 5 gr

Over & Under (standard)
Single Barrel (standard)
Double Barrel (standard)


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