A weapon is not only a tool used for sports or hunting, it can also be an object preserved for other values such as often happens, emotional or aesthetic ones.

It is not rare to see former weapons preserved as precious objects of furniture: the deactivation of weapons also allows this.

Falco Arms offers a service of deactivating for weapons of any brand or type, except for war guns, so that the item becomes a real simulacrum.

Once the gun is harmless, it is delivered to the National Weapons Test Bench that tests the proper deactivation operation and issues the regular Certificate that must always be kept by the owner of what is now a simulacrum.

The precise definition is given by the Decree of the Ministry of Interior of 08 April 2016 OJ Serie Generale n. 118 of 21 May 2016.

“Art. 2, definition: «deactivation» means the technical operation such as to render all the essential parts of a portable firearm, war or common, permanently useless and impossible to remove, replace or modify for reactivation.”

“Art. 4, persons or groups authorized to deactivate firearms – compliance. The technical decommissioning shall be made for weapons of war:

  1. by entities licensed to manufacture weapons of war;
  2. by military establishments;
  3. by other public entities covered by art. 10, comma 5, of the law 18 April 1975, n. 110, as equipped with the necessary technical equipment;
  4. by the National Test Bench.

For common weapons: the deactivation shall be made by the entities in point a) above, and by entities licensed to manufacture or repair common weapons.”

“Art. 6, verification, marking and certification of deactivation: following the deactivation of the firearm, by the subjects or entities referred to in art. 4, the weapon itself must be subjected, by the interested party (note 2), to the verification that the deactivation has been carried out following art. 3 of this decree. The verification provides, according to art. 3, paragraph 1, of Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/2403, the National Test Bench.”

“Following the entry into force of the EC Deactivation Regulation 2015_2403 of 15.12.2015, it is noted that the National Test Bench has been identified as the certifying group of the deactivation; for this purpose, it is specified that the weapons presented must be accompanied by detailed technical documentation attesting to the operations carried out and the hardness of the pins/bars inserted and must include the name of the manufacturer, the type of weapon, the caliber, the serial number and if known, the model.

Decommissioned components shall be photographed in the state in which they are in before and after operations to document the operations carried out. Printed photos should be attached to the technical report.

The technical report shall describe in detail the operations carried out by reference to the points indicated in EU IMPLEMENTING REGULATION 2015/2403 of 15 December 2015.

If the essential parts of the weapon are fitted with the serial number or other identifiable elements and that the deactivation operations will not allow the subsequent verification, the serial number shall be entered by the presenter in a visible area, the execution of this operation shall be recorded in the technical report.

The presenter must own a proper license which must be presented together with the technical report.”